#BrendonGate the Saga of Brendon O’Connell continues

Aloha from Alaska!

#FriendsOfBrendonOConnell are cringing in our hearts. On 11 October 2017 Brendon departed Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Aukland, New Zealand…he disappeared upon arrival after he texted me shortly before noon on 12 October 2017.

Brendon cares about people and has bravely spoken out against the atrocities of one small group of sick individuals upon the rest of our world! Most people don’t grasp what he’s talking about at first. Brendon O’Connell cares ABOUT the people being hurt and slaughtered by the state of Israel in the guise of a FAKE “war on terror”. Brendon O’Connell is exactly the opposite of a racist. The enormous amount of delusional allegations of racism being made against him are fabrications of sick thinking. A last ditch attempt to cover up lies and misconduct.

First Fruits video origin of case by Brendon O’Connell:


Brendon O’Connell is the only person Bibi Mileikowsky (birth name) aka Netanyahu and his counterparts have ever vilified in the history of our world. Bibi and Julie Bishop and others actually held a press conference and Friends of Israel rally to taint the jury, DAYS before Brendon’s first court date! Purpose? Delay & stalling tactics. WHY? Because they’re running scared since Brendon is so smart he figured out what’s going on! BECAUSE in their (the state of Israel) sick twisted thinking, which they’re teaching children, people who aren’t ‘Jewish’ are ‘Goyim’ fit only for ‘slaves to the State of Israel’.

Well WE have a news flash…THE GOYIM KNOW!!


It took me boatloads of tears & endless hours of searching to FIND my family member, Brendon O’Connell…arrested upon arrival in Aukland International Airport…by New Zealand immigration. He was first taken to Henderson Police Station & then on to Mt. Eden Prison for holding while his political asylum immigration case is heard.



I’ve spoken with his legal team personally, they’re absolute HEROES!! They’re working incredibly long hours to present both of Brendon’s cases. The major hang up is DFAT! I’ve been assured by Barrister Foley that “Brendon is safe and well”. That is all I’m at liberty to say at this time. We have to wait for UNTAINTED DUE process to complete…I loathe waiting…tick tock…78041BD2-044B-4E96-9BBF-C3A7826E4618

Bibi has Sayanim & “friends of Israel”…he’s not the only one who has friends!!

#FriendsOfBrendonOConnell now have a place to connect too!!

You’ll find us on Twitter: @BrendonsFriend


and Facebook @BrendonsFriends!


CONNECT! Share your pictures, thoughts, articles, videos, updates and uplift each other! Create a memory for Brendon when he’s FREE!! “GET OUT ON THE STREETS”, peacefully, legally, candlelight vigils, let’s create a solution.

Aussie Whistle blower (Brendon O’connell) Needs your help via Activist-News


I’d like to THANK: Activist News for your priceless, most excellent breaking YouTube video updates!! Looking forward to the day you’re making breaking videos of Brendon O’Connell’s permaculture farm.

Vinny Eastwood interview: “Stalked, Beaten, Jailed And Exiled…”


Julie Bishop,MP… you have hurt my family, you must recuse yourself! You are NOT impartial…the entire WORLD is watching YOU!! Your words don’t match up with your actions towards your constituents! Peace you say you want…START by FREEING Brendon O’Connell!!! The BRENDON O’CONNELL family is enduring a nightmare! As one woman to another, I ASK you to avoid any further delays, defamation of character, THEFT of one more second of this mans life! An egregious choice can change. Time to make it right. I politely DEMAND YOU FREE BRENDON O’CONNELL BEFORE THANKSGIVING. 

Benefits of freeing Brendon before thanksgiving are numerous.

For starters, I’m sure you’d appreciate waking up tomorrow with this nightmare behind you as much as everybody else will. Australia can benefit from his abilities as a productive member of society again. Professionally educated and licensed individuals benefit everyone. …publicity will go away…People will  quit asking you to #FreeBrendonOConnell


I’m going to keep ASKING you to make this right until Brendon CALLS & I hear those MAGIC WORDS : “I’m FREE Di!!!!”

If it was you’re family member in Brendon O’Connell’s scenario, you’d keep asking because you care about others, until they were free too.

#FriendsOfBrendonOConnell will rejoice and #BrendonGate will no longer occupy news headlines.


Julie, sometimes when I read your tweets…I wonder about your thinking. You SAY “peace” while you’re actions speak otherwise. DO YOU HAVE FREE SPEECH IN AUSTRALIA?






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