Oct 29 2016

Category: Wildlife

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6 Plus

Lovely way to awaken during wee hours this morning! Yet I don’t have horses nor do any of my nearly neighbors. Only moose moving around outdoors would be common here. You know that state between awake and asleep…

…clop clop…clunky sounds filter through dreamland…

I sit up rubbing sleep from my eyes trying to focus on what’s looking in my window at the foot of my bed. Fumbling around in the glow from Christmas lights on the snow outdoors my fingers grasp the frames.

As my eyes adjust I start giggling at what I see peering in at me in the warm glow felt during first waking from deep sleep at the curious four legged youngster wiggling big ears.

It’s a yearling moose and mom…the descendants of a long line of cows who always have twins protected by locals for eons. She’s been missing one of her twins since August…

Nearby her sister and both of her twins born this spring are migrating southwest. Signs of changing weather not far behind.

I always wonder how other species survive harsh arctic weather out in the elements. We humans are the only ones who require shelter to survive Mother Natures storms…

Dr. Di


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