MEDICAID EXPANSION ~~>OR… I’m still looking for WHERE Medicaid/Medicare expanded!!!

MEDICAID EXPANSION ~~> WHERE?? I’m STILL WAITING for a prescription from 4SEP2015 to be filled & today is 9MAR2016

**Adjusting your screen will do no good~photo of glasses is out of focus~to emphasize what it’s like trying to read without my medical need being met.** 7MAR2016 1:45AM


I’m writing this in tidbits since 3MAR2016 eye exam indicated “radical changes due to Medicaid not covering my medical need in a timely manner”. New prescription is radically different from pair of progressive trifocals with transition lenses on 4SEP2015. I have “cone dystrophy”, progressive-transition lenses are “required medical equipment”, Medicaid coverage for “required medical equipment is mandatory.
7MAR2016 11:55AM

9:04PM 9MAR2016
Rest of the story is my eye Dr. is beyond disgusted (as am I) that Alaska Medicaid refusal to cover my medical need guaranteed by Alaska Patients Bill of Rights, is “directly responsible for the sudden radical change in my vision”. Including migraines and changes to my blood pressure & cone dystrophy.

This is an open letter to Alaska Governor Bill Walker, Alaska’s State House and Congress demanding coverage be included for previously covered medical needs.

Your only option ladies and gentlemen is to assign me a human being to read your letters from Social Security disability and other government entities in regards to my future income and medical needs being met.

When I consider the monthly expenses of friends whose MONTHLY medical needs EXCEED $1000.00 per month, requiring my medical needs be met every 2 to 3 years in the range of $500-$700 for progressive trifocals with transition lenses is not asking for more than is medically NECESSARY!!!

Please, don’t make me write letters to the editors of state and national newspapers interested on MEDICAL NEEDS not being met by governments PROMISING MEDICAID/MEDICARE “EXPANSION”!

If you do not cover MORE of my NEEDS than you did before-I expect you to investigate WHY my NEEDS are not being met like they were BEFORE your so called expansion.




my glasses will be ready for pickup in 7-10 days from Thursday 3MAR2016!


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