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ONE LONE DOLPHIN©® DrDiChadwell’s upcoming BOOK

As a single parent after a hellacious twisted backwoods lawyer divorce, I sacrificed much to raise my daughters. Single parents take any seasonal jobs we’re qualified for:
driving truckloads of “spaghetti pipe” up the haul road,
emergency fire fighter support,
office manager,
travel agent,
tour guide,
lead horse wrangler for trail & wagon rides,
Jet Mechanic,
whatever it takes to support our kids.

In one of those jobs I earned an Honorary Doctorate in Experimental Commercial Aviation on the HUSH-KIT Project.

After trying to save marine critters dieing from, “the DREADED Exxon Val-Disease oil spill”…camping near a Bald Eagle family working the oil spill is another story….I lived between Alaska and Hawaii for 3years doing maintenance on Bell Helicopters for a volcano tour outfit because my kids were still in school in Alaska.

Now I’m a virtual:
for sentient beings who don’t speak human. I enjoy doing good for others during Alaska’s hellaciously frigid, DARK, long winters which pretty much keeps me trapped inside a 192 square foot dry (no running water) cabin.

My fascination with dolphins began as a child when “Flipper” TV show hit mainstream media. Instantly I knew my purpose was to help dolphins.

Years later when Ric O’Barry informed the world “We’re doing it wrong”, I understood & jumped on board to help others get the message!!!

When I lived on Big Island I discovered my deep, lifelong connection to dolphins and the sea! Dolphins would ALWAYS approach me every time I body surfed after playing my flute on Kahena (Black Sand) aka Dolphin beach.

One young spinner in particular attached himself to me all the while under the watchful eyes of his Mum & the rest of the pod.

I call him BUBBLES. Our first interaction was from underwater…I’m treading water timing wave sets & SUDDENLY I was SURROUNDED by BUBBLES BUBBLES EVERYWHERE!!! That youngster blew bubbles out his blowhole which tickled the soles of my feet (and my SOUL) like you wouldn’t believe! I threw my head back & laughed so hard I got tears!He popped up within arms reach on my right side LOOKED ME DIRECTLY IN MY EYES (under the watchful gaze of mom & the rest of the pod), threw HIS head back laughing at my laughter!!! Then this WILD BEING nuzzled my chest and face like a dog or horse does! Beckoning me to join in play-impossible to resist!

When we’d swim I was encouraged by this beautiful WILD SOUL to touch, hug, show affection & interact like we do with our family pets! (Face, pectoral & dorsal fins) I’d have to let go of the dorsal when we’d dive because they’re SO strong our wimpy human lungs and bodies aren’t designed for rapid descents or other underwater maneuvers cetaceans can make.

When I returned 15 years later the pod remembered me!! Bubbles had children & grandchildren. The entire pod hung around close by my location on the Sunny Side of Big Island, returned to Rainy Side & their breeding grounds after I left. I was informed later this was unusual for the pod to hang around the opposite side of the island from their breeding grounds. Makes total sense when you consider their smarter than we are.

Every time there’s Livestream from The Cove, capture or slaughter my heart breaks! Dolphins’ nesting/calving area IS on that black sand beach where I hung out with their brilliant spirits…all dolphins migrate. Japan, Faroes, Peru, have NO right to destroy the balance of nature.©
ONE LONE DOLPHIN©® by Dr.DiChadwell
#Book #SneakPeek 22DEC2015©


4 comments on “ONE LONE DOLPHIN©®”

  1. Di, I have enjoyed reading your compilation and hope to read more soon.


  2. Hey Hi, It’s Alex! 🙂 Looking forward to reading the rest (I hope) when it’s posted.

    *Huge Hugs*!!


  3. Hey Di, It’s Alex :)! I’m looking forward to reading this. And I will email you my story about (You Know Who) in Maui HI. You have a great day, hope to speak with you soon.
    *Huge Hugs*


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