Gratitude Day

I’m grateful for recent ruffling of Twitter feathers within #Anonymous, yes, grateful; because we are the same! #worldwide #passion #creating #change! Together we stopped the abuse cycle for one individual…who knows how large the ripple effect will be!

It’s a day to honor #traditions…I’m half Cherokee…Cherokee tradition is to give thanks twice yearly…since eons before we rescued Columbus and his lost crew…tradition is to give thanks once when corn sprouts forth, again at harvest time. Easier traveling when it’s not winter.

Listing gratitude for recent months experiences is a tradition I’m sharing with YOU, my Tweetfam, in honor of the half of my being that’s: English, Irish, Dutch, French, German & Polish descended from immigrants to North America.

Recently my position on abusers was questioned during an effort to ascertain the proper way to get help for a juvenile (child by the laws in my area)…many #OpBeast tweetfam were very passionate about a difficult scenario…many wonder why I didn’t waste any energy on anger. Allegations were inferred…

Clarification: I appreciate everybody’s passion to end abuse, together we created change for a sick juvenile.

Unknown to each other until afterwards, some contacted parents, some the school counselor. Between us we stopped a runaway youth at holidays scenario. This at a time when we hear of online tragedy we did good deeds. WELL DONE ANONS!!! Parents sending messages of gratitude to everyone who helped is…beautiful!!

I do not condone abusers choice to engage in act(s) of abuse, I have no energy to waste on negativity….in any form. I’m on my last pair of shoes too…like Mr. Magorium! Ha! Once you get a chronic medical diagnosis you have a new outlook on living guys…

I do not support actions of abusers. If you have an anti-abuse gathering…I won’t be there *either. I WILL come to all PRO-compassion activities & tweetstorms to end all abuse, just like *Mother Teresa.

Thank you for caring ABOUT, enough to help get proper medical treatment in our unfortunate series of recent events…we created ripple effects…some unwanted.

I wonder how anybody would EVER think that I would condone sick actions chosen by another….as a survivor of abuse you gotta KNOW…that AIN’T happening! I’m not able-to-respond (response-able) for choices others make…

…The Moral of the Story IS:

Let’s create #AnonAlerts for future experiences with similar scenarios when we attract those suffering from abuse? There’s all kinds of alerts…lost/found pets/people…how about we create #AnonAlerts ??

everybody loves a-lert 😉

#AbuseAlerts…#AnonAbuseAlerts ??

You anons are creative geniuses…what do you say? WE Can avoid future confusion without pissing off all our #Anon buddies & wasting even more energy on Twitter muting/blocking vs focusing on creating change together…worldwide.

…let’s make LOTS of ripples? Pleasantly warm rain rippling on still waters raises tides guys…let’s surf together on changing tides where abuse is only found told in tales of old round council fires…distant reminders of ancient history…

What do you say?


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