RECENTLY…I thought my vehicle needs were met by purchasing a used 4×4 pickup truck with my PFD, Alaska’s version of an annual state return in lieu of a state taxe return.

Following up on a gut feeling, I learned the unhappy news that one local credit union has demanded over half my PFD for a debt only half that amount, which the Court states was paid in full years ago.

It’s challenging to survive on a small pension. If my body would cooperate I KNOW how to repair vehicles…if I had a heated SHOP…pure frustration.

I sat back and thought about another friend I recently was able to help easily who also found themselves in a similar predicament. I mustered up the courage to follow their lead at

I find myself reaching out to others (not easy for one who’s usually on the helping end) by asking for donations to purchase a reliable vehicle so I can continue helping others and keep disability related Dr. appointments here in the cold arctic north.

Huge SHOUT OUT to my dear friend who rented me a clue…


Thanks ahead of time to my readers 🙇🏼 💞 for helping and sharing this post,


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