Prime example of a healthy “Sherpa  mountain guide Pemba Dorjee at Khumbu Ice Fall”, pictured above.

Observation of recent events in Elizabeth Sedway’s experience was enlightening to this retired jet mechanic. I also experience technical difficulties which cause some similar symptoms to those cancer patients endure. 

Even retired A&P Mechanics are required to follow certain protocol during travel. I’ve spent several months helping someone else make travel plans which included me going along as the medical escort, or to use a mountaineering term, “Sherpa”.


I’m glad to hear about this while there’s still time to find another person to take my place. I hope Alaska Airlines accommodates my neighbor, veteran, now stuck with the wheel chair scenario in making changes to the reservation so a trip of a lifetime can be enjoyed.

How can I help someone else when I need help myself? I feel like it’s my responsibility as an A&PMECH to have the integrity to remove my name from Alaska Airlines flight to Hawaii and replace it with the name of a more suitable volunteer “Sherpa” in light of current events and my own physical #ABILITY.


Thanks to Alaska Airlines for information regarding necessary travel documents concerning health status of travelers. We can’t provide what we don’t know about.




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