I Volunteered as a virtual CoveGuardian this season out of compassion for the plight of my “cousins” after all, we’re all connected…humans consuming dolphin or whale meat which tests reveal are well beyond a safe consumption level due to TOXIC MERCURY et.al. including:

participants of school lunch programs for children,

Uninformed shoppers purchasing mislabled products on grocery store shelves,

Death of our oceans cetaceans, means all forms of life are in danger.  Cetaceans’ annually migrating through the waters of Taiji face Death or capture, prior to imprisonment leaving them traumatized facing a lifetime of slavery for entertainment in a container of water the size of a bathtub to you and me.


Each species labeled “extinct” further destroys the delicate balance of nature taking us with them when our planet is upset by choice.  Actions by a handful of individuals from our species affects their struggling nation and our fragile globe orbiting in space.

EXTINCTION of another species of cetaceans due to mans actions directly impacts our own destruction.



…is an experiment I prefer NOT to participate in Dudes and Dudettes, thank you very much.

HOW????? You ask does this affect me???? I live on the other side of the globe…! EASY!!! When you create a significant Earth Event, or “SEE”, in one part of the globe…it affects the hot zone where the cataclysmic event takes place…it’s residue affects EVERYTHING else within our geologic and asmospheric systems.

Picture when you shake a snow globe.

Now you’ve got the big picture in a parable simple enough even my 2yr old grandchild understands.


Whether you realize it or not, the ground your feet are touching right now are the source or “MOTHER” which nurtures OUR existence. Without our environment being in balance, NOBODY survives. We are able to respond for our actions because we are: capable, intelligent, feeling, rational thinking beings who posses an ability to create our future by the choices we make today as we DO our daily ACTS of living.

We all want the same things in life basically. Our children to have a bright future, to provide necessities for our families and ourselves. Our governments to listen to their people, say what they do, and do what they say. Peace and prosperity on our planet. Worldwide, peoples of all creeds, colors, belief systems cry out for war to end and the basic necessities of life to be abundant vs. scarce or nonexistent. We see it everyday…in graphic detail…the moment it manifests…….this is what we have chosen to create thus far……we can do better.

During this season I found myself among good company in our pod of good-deed-doers, big-hearted people gathered together as:




and other BlueCrew volunteers.

We passionately, lovingly donate our: talents, time, energy, abilities, money etc., being voices for those whose language is too complicated for our human species to: fully hear, understand, translate, or speak.  We advocate for them and other endangered species, vets, disabled, our weakest underdogs needing our help; when we speak up via tweets, emails, phone calls, petition signing & sharing, event organizing & participation, or posting on social media.

Whether via livestream, archive videos or on site viewing of the manner in which entire pods of various species of cetaceans are manhandled on RedCove days…NO one can listen to cetaceans’ ear pearcing crys of pain and terror during egregious “drive hunts” without HEARING the message contained within their whistles, clicks, and sonar calls as pod…after Pod….after POD…..is crudely herded into the killing cove. NO ONE!


Entire families are traumatized prior to selection for captivity in a theme park somewhere, or slaughter.

2014-12-19 01.24.50

Being a volunteer virtual CoveGuardian & BlueCrew member has been a rewarding, educational, enlightening experience. I have met people who have become mentors, heroes, closer to my heart than relatives. My #tweetpod. I have the greatest appreciation, respect, and admiration for those who are able to actually travel to Taiji. XOXOXO



2014-01-19 20.37.11

I’m grateful Hardy’s Dad took him on the summer family trip which introduced him to Dolphins. “H” Thank you for creating the documentary: THE DOLPHIN DEFENDER.


Thank you PBS for sharing: THE DOLPHIN DEFENDER movie on your station in Fairbanks, Alaska. This is where I first learned about the now infamous cove tucked away in an otherwise delightful tropical paradise: Japan! A tropical island in the Pacific. Who wouldn’t want to vacation and tour such a gorgous tropical isle in the bitter arctic chill of winter in the Northern American Hemisphere?? My heart breaks for island residents who have survived many horrific destructive events well documented in our Blue Planet’s history.



speaking up,

creating petitions asking the Olympics not to reward socially unacceptable behavior by allowing Japan to host or participate until the killing and their association with SeaWorld ends,

co-creating tweetstorms,


peace marches world wide,

and other awareness activities,

open themselves up to all that comes with being a defender of the defenceless. When you do the correct thing, creators of heinous acts, fully documented thanks to many heroic brave people and organizations are…as unhappy the truth has come out as a toddler caught with their hand in the cookie jar.


There are several effective ways of discrediting a peace movement employed when a movement has struck a nerve:

1: send out disinformation

2: create dissention among the group

3: hack or crash volunteers devices

4: alter posts created by members redirecting links to another source of disinformation further attempting to shift peace movement focus

5: under the guise of “safety updates” infect volunteers devices (plural) with virus or worm which crash and or explode devices:

6: remotely switch “language and input” settings from “keyboard” to “google voice” plus turn MICROPHONE ON, on Android tablet inside your cupboard, turned off. Meanwhile nearly full battery charge allows psyops hackers access thru a “backdoor”. PROTECT YOURSELVES. I’m pretty sure my dog didn’t do it.

7: repeatedly turn on Android device(s) YouTube built in app wasting your data plan…again…mic turned on…(in Alaska your online data access rests on how many gigs of data you purchase, this is separate from your talk and text plan. My way of monthly wallet donations to help dolphin, orca, and whale organizations I support)

8: get past firewall/virus protection apps crashing multiple devices after WiFi HotSpot usage a’tweetin & a’textin on social media to share breaking info

9: anything else opponent’s can think of to shift movement focus from “whacking at the root of the problem to whacking at the leaves piled on top of the root”,EdWardMD

10: confuse your entire tweetpod-loose beloved friends

11: all of the above

When you volunteer for an organization, You come under the rules of conduct selected to accomplish the goals set forth in the “Mission Statement” plus “rules of conduct” chosen by the movement you’ve CHOSEN to volunteer for. Operating within those guidelines is paramount to ensure success of the movement.


I feel very fortunate to have attracted trusted members from whom to ask question about things I’m unsure of. It’s been a challenge to learn how to best benefit our mission to create change for dolphins, whales, and orca. My hope is to empower the people of Japan to create their own tourism industry by sharing knowledge. They are being duped by a multibillion dollar tourism corporation from my country, the USA. I feel sad fellow citizens engage in fraud by preying on traumatized nations like ambulance chasers looking for unsuspecting clients.

When you click links fellow pod mates have shared/RT’d, “watch the crawl”, Whoopie Goldberg. IF it redirects you Report the technical malfunction back to the source plus a mentor before unfollowing or blocking fellow pod members. Ask for a new link, stay on Task! #ReportAskstayonTask = #RAT

Follow that up by Researching the internet on the topic. If something is amiss, go to the source organization’s home page Tell them directly. #RAT Politely explain. Ask for information and varification. Follow all instructions given to you by Head Quarters.

When a mentor vouches for another user, you can rest assured there has been an attempt to shift focus from “whacking at the root” because your movement has struck a nerve, resulting in confusion. I appreciate everyone’s assistance, passion, and patience during confusion created by those who futily try to resist our movement. THANK YOU!

2015-02-27 02.55.45

Recently I retweeted a fellow podmember’s tweet about SSCS offering a shark poaching reward. Shortly after #DrEd quickly gave me a heads up something was amiss,

2015-02-27 04.05.31

I clicked  the link a second time-was redirected to a confusing page unrelated to the topic. I tweeted a heads up Report back to tweet source plus a trusted mentor: HEADS UP I’m being redirected QUICKLY before I completely ran out of data! I left tweetroom at high speed researched topic key words.

Search results prooved even more confusing…I called SSCS HQ talked to Heather. She had no knowledge of reward, suggested misinformation generated from many sources is common way to discredit. Confusion distracts volunteers from staying on task. She gave me instructions to follow I managed to finish just as I ran out of data…couldn’t get online anymore…#frustrating

24 hours passed…Fired up my ice berg of a vehicle & drove to nearest WiFi…sadly learned I’d missed an entire twitter conversation fraught with confusion demanding my response within exceedingly short time limits…

…Sat there in frozen driver’s seat-heater running-STUNNED trying to type a clarification-hands shivering. HAD to follow through! I always keep my word…had to get out of arctic bitter cold…couldn’t believe I was being accused of the things I read on my feed…heart hurting…

…Back at home…

Feeling yucky my attempt to, #ReportAskstayonTask was misunderstood by a mentor and valued #tweetpod member.  A device of division had been employed to shift our focus. We hit the root. Light suddenly streamed in on dark deed-doers acts. Why else would they hide behind tarps or hack posts so they’re misdirected?

2015-02-19 01.47.33


…There’s a Silver lining you see! Now we know to “Watch the crawl” on our screens. Always best to Report, ASK, stay on Task or: #RAT vs. unfollow, block or inadvertently loose friends. Smile inwardly…you’re group just hit the root! Remember how empowering a BlueCoveDay feels?


Some risks are associated with BE-ing PRO-BlueCove actively. Some of these risks I’ve listed above. I gladly participate because I believe our peace movement will be successful: heart, soul, spirit, & wallet. “IF you don’t learn one new thing each day you’re not living”, “WATCH THE CRAWL”, is the new thing I learned as 2014-2015 killing season ends in Taiji.


Safe surfing everybody.

I’m grateful this season closed on 6 BLUE Cove Days in a ROW!




2015-03-02 19.22.11

2015-03-02 18.55.41

articles270215RK-SharkPoaching-002.transformed (1)

Type in the same keywords and see what YOU get.


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