I’m THRILLED! it’s a #BlueCoveDay


OUR beloved CoveGuardians have my utmost respect and appreciation. Volunteers provide monitoring, pictures, live streaming video, narration, video archives, tweets & FB posts to share the atrocities with the world which happen daily in this small cove when certain individuals intransigently violate INTERNATIONAL COURT RULINGS protecting cetaceans migrating annually through Japanese waters.

My first introduction to the horrors of this tiny island village was by Hardy Jones, THE DOLPHIN DEFENDER video production done by PBS. I was impressed by his diligence, courage, and creativity in his work with cetaceans. Hardy’s book, The Voice Of The Dolphins, tells the fascinating tale of a teenager on summer vacation with his family.  I could hardly put it down, and I will forever be grateful to his parents for giving Hardy his introduction to dolphins. The first time I watched Hardy’s movie: THE COVE I cried buckets of tears all the while wondering HOW he perched there long enough to catch all the footage which became the movie! HOW can anyone NOT be moved to DO something to #stoptheslaughter I wondered? Instantly Hardy became my first ocean hero. My appetite was sparked, I had to learn more!


Ric O’Barry was the next dolphin defender I heard tale of & I actively sought out more and more information on the activities which were being hushed-hushed by the powers that be. WHY wasn’t anyone listening to Ric? His experience and knowledge backed up what Hardy shared with the world! Next I learned of Izumi Ishii who is the bravest person from Japan I had ever heard of! What foresight to be the first to create wild dolphin boat tours! I fail to understand why others haven’t followed his lead in his beautiful island nation of Japan.


Soon another diligent, hearty ocean advocate floated my way by the name of Captain Paul Watson, SeaShepherd and CoveGuardian creator. I was hooked! Anything I could do to help put a stop to a greedy United States Corporation stealing money from under the noses of a nation struggling to reinvent it’s economy after Fukushima was a pleasure. The more I learned about SeaWorld’s involvement in the captivity and slaughter in the now infamous Cove the more sickened I was that this travesty of justice would be allowed to continue!

Why isn’t Japan raking in the dough from dolphin tourism that’s making SeaWorld a multibillion dollar corporation instead of taking pitiful handouts for a few captive cetaceans every season? I was enraged by the knowledge brutal slaughter and captivity was being done under the guise of  “fishing” and “research” vessels within a protected Marine Sanctuary in violation of International Court Rulings which had outlawed these barbaric practices. Worst of all was learning this toxic “meat” was processed, improperly labeled, had no market due to it’s toxicity yet was being fed to vulnerable children in their school lunch programs. OCEANA did studies which document 30% of prepackaged seafood in our stores is contaminated mixed in with the good stuff!

Then along came ANOTHER documentary about dolphins largest species. BLACKFISH as indigenous peoples call orca, uncovering egregious practices at SeaWorld. The world could no longer turn it’s back on the fate of dolphins, orca, and whales being brutally captured to supply slaves for a greedy tourism industry. Trainers gathered together and spoke up about the behind-the-scenes atrocities they had witnessed. Dawn’s, and other trainers deaths & injuries, would no longer be swept under the rug by corporate greed. This was the empowerment of a movement which began long ago with the observations of Flipper’s trainer, Ric O’Barry, Hardy Jones, Izumi Ishii, Capt’n Paul Watson, Cove Guardians, Jeff Ventre, Blackfish Brigade. #OpInfinitePatience continues until #TheCove is permanently slaughter freee & Japan has created wild dolphin boat tours.


Japan is in troubled waters, the entire world sees the truth. Brutal slaughter and captivity of endangered species is NOT “tradition”. We will not stop. We will not be silent. “YOU CAN NOT STOP A MOVEMENT”. Ban Japan 2020Olympics petitions continue to gather signatures from supporters as do other petitions to ban Japanese products and services. Migrating cetaceans do NOT belong to Japan or any other individual nation. We’ve got to be smarter than what we are doing. There is only ONE Blue Planet! It is our mother because it provides our sustenance. Man can not create soil, water, or oxygen. We have no other world to evacuate to. There is a balance within nature we are responsible for maintaining. What happens when mankind trashes the planet?


I prefer NOT to find out the hard way. We are adults. We choose which example we set for future generations & what they will learn in their history classes. It’s time to put future generations first and stop making lame excuses.












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