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Dec 07 2020

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“Back in the Olden Days”, is how one of my grandsons prefaced a question as a toddler, when asking me about how things were when I was a kid. It was hilarious to me. Not so much to his parents who were quick to admonish him for using that phrase. I tried not to laugh, yet couldn’t help it, you know how cute kids are.

Many times that phrase has come to mind over the years. I’ve been told, many times, that I should write a book about my life experiences by friends and acquaintances. You’ll find there’s an older blog that’s a sneak peek’ into “THE” book. (singular)

Therapists advise trauma survivors to “write it”…well…I’ve been ‘writing it’ in my journals for decades…still the nightmares would disturb fitful sleep. Not good for anyone who lives with chronic pain and the associated insomnia. The magic happened for me…when I PUBLISHED “THE” book on Bublish! Suddenly the nightmares were over. The “feel-it’s” associated with the action of actually, FINALLY, clicking ‘PUBLISH’ were surreal. Meeting a long time goal ON a self imposed deadline was only part of it. The truth was finally OUT there. I felt lighter, taller, stronger. I had reached a milepost along the path of this lifetime a part of me knew I would. It was only a matter of time.

The thing about publishing IS…another book must follow to include experiences which aren’t in the FIRST book (-; along with the realization that ‘another book’ might actually be…books. I’ll include links to my first book bubbles and author profile. The question everybody keeps asking me is how to purchase. That link will be available next week.

Without my loved ones support, encouragement, experience, feedback and suggestions, my first book would NEVER have been published. Even bigger, is publishing ON the date of my Dear Ol’Dad’s death anniversary, in his honor. A veteran of the Navy, serving in Pearl and Korea. The Air Force, where he served as an Airman at Elmendorf AFB in the 1950’s. After that he was in the Army Guard in the midwest where he did all the signage at Ft. Dodge before retiring.




Quick update on what Dr. Di’s been doing in 2020 besides bury loved ones…too Many…too close together.

Aloha from Alaska

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